Foxs Den

by Lixy
created Aug 26, 2019
289 views | 434 downloads

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map notes
My first map, so I tried a bunch of stuff :D
retagged Aug 26, 2019


said Aug 26, 2019
place checkpoints slightly in the ground so u don't respawn in midair
the super at the end misses dust if u don't jump
also could do with a camera
p decent first level
said Aug 26, 2019
Sorry about the checkpoints, didn't know!
Yea the shelf with dust was there mostly for aesthetic reasons to make the bridge fit in more and so that players are forced to super early in the air which would put the character right on top of the tree for the effect. lol
Don't know how to use a camera yet, will learn that next time!
said Aug 27, 2019
Pretty fun gameplay for a first level, to add to what chipi said, visibility is slightly an issue for the first playthrough. The contrast between the background and the ground isn't strong enough.

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