Camera Tutorial Z

by Shin Rekkoha
created Mar 20, 2018
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map notes
This map is for teaching.  By design, it does not have super creative amazing gameplay.  Also it is full of text, ew reading.

     This is a tutorial that incorporates a lot of fixes and additional knowledge since the first time I tried to make this.  It is my hope that this will help people get into cameras in their maps.  Cameras are a tricky part of mapmaking but not an unimportant part.  This map involves a lot of reading, and demonstrates the camera lessons in the section where the NPCs tell you about them.  By its very nature, this is for map-makers.

     If you make maps and don't like getting comments (complaints) about blind drops and other things: hopefully this helps you out.  If you are just looking for a fun map to play: this is not it (or maybe it is, fun is subjective).  If you don't care either way: good for you and here is your cookie.  I highly suggest opening this map in the editor so you can see the camera nodes yourself as you play it.  If you have Dustmod you can enable Player Hitboxes and Show Cameras which give you a lot of extra visual information about how cameras work.  I highly recommend this while learning.

Map Editor Folder: [Your Dustforce Directory]/dustforce/user/levels_src

You can also copy a map from "levels" (where the maps are downloaded from Atlas) to "levels_src"

Recommended Music:

Machina is a map I made well after this one, when I had improved significantly and learned to use Force Nodes much more skillfully.  Observe the secret to the left of the start, the initial forks for SS and Any%, and the ability to switch between the routes quite easily without the player being able to "break" the camera.  Machina is a map with gold standard camerawork and very little I would change even now.
Fecal Factory is a map I made that looks like a single screen map, and has a camera solution that hides the path to the left.  If you proceed left you'll uncover secrets ripe with several interesting camera solutions.  This map is great for understanding some of the finer points and proving that any camera problem can be solved.
Pinky Toes is an example of a map that is the result of a lot of time and effort, but ultimately a near unplayable mess due to issues with the fog trigger and camera.  I myself have several early maps that are terrible despite a lot of time and effort as well.  Leaving the fog trigger completely out of it, the camera is way too zoomed in for most of the map combined with NEVER trying to assist the player with things like Interest Nodes or Force Nodes as discussed.  The map features several truly blind obstacles, many of which lead to death if not played expertly, and which are doubly hard to see due to the fog triggers.  Some camera improvements would have greatly lessened this.  All these factors contribute to a map people simply don't want to bother SS'ing.  That's an easily preventable shame.
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said Mar 20, 2018
good map.
said Mar 20, 2018
damn fishy, how did you learn to read so fast?
said Mar 20, 2018

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