nervous breakdown

by cosmicfortune
created Dec 19, 2018
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map notes
A more difficult version of a previous stage I made. As always, if there are any problems with the stage, be sure to tell me so I can fix them. Thanks!


said Dec 19, 2018
Not bad, I would complain about the color of the surface dust (kind of hard to tell apart from spikes) but most of the level is dustblocks so it doesn't really impact much, except for the ending. I just heavy'd the ending turkey and ended up getting an AS, so I would either make the dust a different color or change the ending dust to dustblocks. (it also wasn't that apparent to me that that was the ending trigger.)
edited Dec 19, 2018
said Dec 21, 2018
Yeah, while making the stage I learned that the dust isn't on the entity layer, I actually wanted it to be a different color, but that didn't work. Also I guess I should have added a couple more enemies at the end trigger to make it more clear. Thanks for the input!
said Dec 20, 2018
Good map! Name's kinda worrying though
said Dec 21, 2018
Thanks! I'm bad with names, so I guess I just sorta..I don't know honestly. I'm just not good with names.
said Dec 20, 2018
said Dec 21, 2018
Thanks! I'm super new to mapping, so input like this is super helpful!! I'll to get making another map soon! As for the "intended route", the map was designed to be a bit more open and give the player a bit of freedom. I guess the closest thing to an intended route is something pretty close to this route on the original map:

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