by krackocloud
created Sep 9, 2012
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map notes
It's like Equi, but with more symmetry!
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Sep 9, 2012
You had better not be lying about MORE SYMMETRY!
said Sep 9, 2012
Oh I ain't! The only thing asymmetrical is the player!
(Oh and that one prism that moves in a tiny circle)
said Sep 13, 2012
I really liked it!  Now that I think about it, in order to create a level like this you have to design a course that can be run in two different directions.  It's like one level, imposed with it's mirror image, that you have to complete in two different ways!  I think you should take this one step further and try a level with quadrilateral symmetry :)

Also, I noticed a rogue prop in the bottom left that ruined the symmetry... look out for that next time!
said Sep 14, 2012
Nice eye :U
I also noticed it, but too late. Let's just call it an Easter egg, shall we? :Y

Four-way symmetry sounds hard, but might be an interesting thing to try!
edited Sep 14, 2012
said Sep 10, 2012
Dustworth conquers the sequel as well!
Then again, not too many competitors at the moment. =)

Also, whyyy is there a checkpoint right at the start? =D
said Sep 10, 2012
Just depends on the route you take. :J
also man Dustworth is broken in this map
said Sep 10, 2012
He is broken in most maps >:(
said Sep 11, 2012
Non-broken Dustman takes first :P.
edited Sep 11, 2012

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