by krackocloud
created Sep 3, 2012
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map notes
A short map with a little symmetry.

NOTE: So uh, apparently this map might crash the game at the end. Yeah.
retagged Oct 7, 2012


said Sep 3, 2012
I demand my SS! Silly checkpoint! =D

Also, if the developers needs a map to figure out why the game crashes when you hit spikes at the finishing line, this one would do nicely. It crashed on me every attempt after my foiled SS when I tried to work around the checkpoint. =p

Other than that, it's a fun map.
said Sep 3, 2012
Yeah I get the same problem.  Game crashed on me like 4 times trying to SS this map haha.
said Sep 3, 2012
Well, that's... Strange. :U
Sorry for any unintended frustration!
said Sep 3, 2012
Finally managed to get an actual SS with dustkid.  Map is fun, but the crashes are beyond annoying :/

also, I'm a little disappointed there are death zones on the top of the map, coulda been an opportunity for the funniest spike jump any% route :P.
edited Sep 3, 2012
said Sep 3, 2012
I've encountered this crash too. I've tested it out in the map editor and it seems to happen when you die and complete the level at the EXACT same time. The timing has to be pretty spot on. With this level though, it somehow matches up perfectly almost every time.

I've also found this other weird bug. When I would do a heavy attack to hit both the last little piece of dust and the final prism, the small final bit of dust would reappear on the wall when it moved me inside the victory box. I would not get an S on completion because of it.

I would remove the last wall bit altogether. I can't seem to get it no matter how hard I try, and I can't practice sliding on that part of the wall due to all the crashing that happens.
edited Sep 4, 2012
said Sep 4, 2012
Yes, that was the problem I was referring to with my checkpoint woes, and the reason I kept hitting the spikes and crashing in the first place since it apparently resets the piece of dust if you clear it at the same time as the goal piece. Trying to dodge that by light attacking the dust before heavy attacking dumped me on the spikes all the time. =)

I haven't done anything with checkpoints in the editor myself, so I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'm guessing it can be solved somehow. Moving the checkpoint around a bit or something?

It's also why I left my replay as is. And I noticed NoobSlayer had the same problem too. =p
said Sep 4, 2012
Despite the bugs [not your fault really :p] I liked the fact that it pushed you to your limits with pixel perfect jumps. Especially at the end xP. Nice map, needs moar of those.
said Sep 7, 2012
I would have liked it better if there was MORE SYMMETRY!!!  Haha, that's just the mathematician in me talking :)   
I really liked the challenge and compactness.  I think it would've been cool if you had worked the camera into the symmetry of the level.

Oh, and that crash thing sucks, but this level gave us some important insight into the problem!

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