Follow the Leader

by Skyhawk
created Apr 7, 2017
299 views | 785 downloads

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map notes
My first real map! Small totem mechanics are cool.

Big thanks to Indapop for doing the hard parts of the camera work.

This is my first map that actually tried to have gameplay and visuals, so any critique is appreciated!
edited Apr 8, 2017


said Apr 8, 2017
I really enjoyed playing this map.  I felt very satisfied when I finally SSed it lol.  Make more!
said Apr 9, 2017
I was super duper confused. I hope I can ss it. This level is ridiculous!
said Apr 27, 2017
Don't really know how you made this all work, but I'm sure it wasn't easy lol. Really cool idea, but hard to make work 100% of the time. I know those totems don't always want to do what they are supposed to. I enjoyed figuring it out though :D

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