Hideworth 2

by Leap
created Apr 7, 2017
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map notes
Unofficial sequel of http://atlas.dustforce.com/4817/hideworth by Shin Rekkoha

Compared to the original focuses more on groundboosting than jumping,

It is strongly suggested to play worth.

Map is ssable using worth without spikejumping,

Meme category: Man SS, Man apple%


Thanks to indapop for playtesting

Thumbnail:  Artwork made by Tashizuna  you can find more here:   http://tashizuna.imgur.com  http://tashizuna.deviantart.com
edited Apr 11, 2017


said Apr 8, 2017
I'll beat it the day after tomorrow.
edited Apr 10, 2017
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 11, 2017
This is neato, and I know it was made on a time crunch for the CMR, but man I really wish I could have sat down on this and made the art conform to Hideworth.  On top of just really taking a lot of pride in the boxy placement and such, I think using the green bricks really brought out the invisible hammer and beat people over the head with "SEE, GREEN, IT'S DUSTWORTH!".  I miss that color on your map... :(
said Apr 11, 2017
I like the art of the original but i wanted to make it look different, as your map doesnt look the same as hideout.

The lamps, the brick color,  were efforts to evoke the art of hideworth but with a different touch.

Btw I borrowed the art of the concept of dust for the 1st floor of cmr nexus.
I've always liked what you are able to create with square tiles  :)
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 11, 2017
The square is the shape that binds our universe together.

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