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created Jan 8, 2017
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cave stylised

map notes
I like the way stylised colours can look, but it can makes it difficult to see the dust and spikes - it would  be nice if they could be placed on separate layers allowing for different colours.


said Jan 8, 2017
The visibility on the spikes make this harder than it needs to be.  I mentioned that in discord earlier today that it would be nice if spikes / dust had their own fog trigger setting to help separate it from layer 19.  Anyways I like the theme you used it looks spooky
said Jan 8, 2017
Indeed, had to learn the level in the editor.
said Jan 9, 2017
Agreed, it can be difficult to distinguish between safe ground and spikes, and even with the particle effect, the dust is easy to miss.

I did try to place the orange plant along spiked walls to give some vague indication of where it wasn't safe - maybe adding a differently coloured prop in the background or foreground wherever there's dust could also help?
said Jan 9, 2017
A better idea would be to just make it obvious by using spikes that are clearly visible rather than forcing the player to guess which is which. However, if you are dead-set on doing this sort of background on your maps, then I would recommend making the safe surfaces a different color than the spikes by using layer 20 tiles or props.
said Jan 10, 2017
Good idea, I quickly tried using the traffic cone spikes and they are far more distinguishable but still look natural enough to fit the "cave" theme.
Shin Rekkoha
said Jan 12, 2017
I found myself having similar issues C, but I solved them with certain tile types.  You'll learn which tiles have thinner and thicker edges, and be able to use only the thinnest tiles on the overlapping layers like 20.  Also one of my friends testing suggested that I add some static props behind the dust to make it easier to locate, so I used some stuff from the lighting category on this map:

Please let me know if any of that information helps you.
said Jan 10, 2017
I felt like having more orange spikey indicators like a dotted line for spike areas would've helped a lot. I've been able to memorise the safe zones, but it's still a real struggle on the climb to the highest area figuring out where I'm safe to land without dying first. Underneath all the weird visibility stuff is probably one of my favourite maps for air control though.
said Jan 10, 2017
Thanks, I enjoy more technical, precise maps, even if I do struggle playing them.
Maybe at some point I'll try improve the visibility a bit and upload a new version.
said Jan 11, 2017
One of the prettiest maps I've ever seen.

Shame the visibility issues make it rather annoying to play :(
said Jan 11, 2017
said Jan 11, 2017
It looks amazing, really fascinating... I wish an easy map with this art :D
said Jan 11, 2017
Thanks. I might just try another map in this style.

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