by IsaVulpes
created Apr 9, 2016
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map notes
My 2nd real map; Criticism would be appreciated!

Thanks to Hourglass for being an inspiration <3
retagged Jul 8, 2016


said Apr 9, 2016
too hard for a race, giga walls and prisms behind walls with spikes on them. the ceiling run corner cuddle is too strict too imo.
said Apr 9, 2016
actual feedback:
this dust
is really annoying, because it's easy to jump over it and then awkward to collect afterward, though I'm not entirely sure how to solve this

this ceiling
is too low imo since I hit it a bunch when jumping off the wall

I would also put the checkpoint on the ground because midair checkpoints are awful.
said Apr 9, 2016
Actual response:
- This happens once, after that you dash on the wall and collect it that way. If I put spikes there instead, the level gets harder.
- The idea is that you need to be a bit precise at least somewhere and can't just faceroll on your keyboard for the SS
- I dont like midair checkpoints much myself, but this spawns you right next to a prism so neutraljump to stop momentum - attack left - continue as normal is very straightforward. Removing spikes from the ground there is silly.
said Apr 9, 2016

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