Pandora valley

by DustCreep
created Dec 16, 2015
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map notes
„Humanity has reached Pandora after all…
Better hurry, as you know breathing is hard on this planet.“

I hesitated to upload this for a while now because there are several things I don’t like about it.
On the other hand I don’t have the motivation to keep working on it, so iupload.
Has a dumb any% route.


said Dec 16, 2015
Also I wanted to ask if anyone wants me upload the old tutorial, we don't have it on Atlas afaik.
The original map with restrictions, would be playable with all chars though.
Luke's Cat
said Dec 16, 2015
If you go on dustkid you can play the original. With all characters too!
said Dec 16, 2015
Ok cool, didn't know that, thanks !
Upload is obsolete then.
said Dec 16, 2015
Great level Lori. Nice length, gameplay and awesome visuals as always.
But I admit I hoped to play a level that takes place above the clouds :)
said Dec 16, 2015
Well thank you, floating stone islands connected with roots was definitely an option, maybe some other day...
said Dec 16, 2015
Great map. I like the length of this and can't wait to see what strats people come up with.
said Dec 16, 2015
Even if I made the route, there's always someone doing something I didn't foresee.
Most of the times I rather like that though.
Thanks !
said Dec 16, 2015
Loved it; just the right amount of openness to it
said Dec 16, 2015
I don't think everyone likes openness when it comes to custom maps, but to me making absolutely linear routes became a bit boring, so yeah I'll try to keep that up :)
Glad you liked it, also nice run !
said Dec 16, 2015
The amount of openness was perfect. Not too linear, but not a huge mess either.
said Dec 17, 2015
Amazing map!
said Dec 19, 2015
Thanks :)
Shin Rekkoha
said Dec 18, 2015
Gorgeous.  Some damn clever prop use.
said Dec 19, 2015
Well thank you.
I'll be doing something similar in my next map, it's a bit simpler, but I already like it more.
said Jun 20, 2023
Your levels are full of magic. Thank you for this wonderful journey.

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