Dwarf village

by DustCreep
created Nov 19, 2015
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map notes
I wonder what these shy creatures are hiding from us ?
Find the answer deep in their dark mines.

Background (village part) was made first, which didn’t left as much freedom as usual for the route. The village itself just doesn’t feel „cozy“ enough to me, but at least I got it done to a point I can accept :)
Two apples.
retagged Nov 19, 2015


said Nov 19, 2015
Fun map as always and nice setting :)
the shy creature in the thumbnail is so cute! also his treasure at the end is very very cool
edited Nov 19, 2015
said Nov 19, 2015
That's nice, thank you Giamma :)
said Nov 19, 2015
Felt pretty cozy to me (and I was thinking that before I read the description).
Shin Rekkoha
said Nov 19, 2015
That gem at the end is about the best thing I've ever seen in my life.  I'm looking at it without using the editor, trying to reverse engineer how you did it.  Maybe it really is all just virtual tiles, even the diagonal highlight through it.  It's very well done.  The worst part of the map is the very first room, which has no strats that feel good to me.  It's a very ratingus-y room.
said Nov 19, 2015
Yes, it's virtual tiles only, the gem itself needs two layers, the rest is just to make it look better. Also thank you for feedback on the gameplay, it is really needed.
said Nov 19, 2015
Solid map.
said Nov 20, 2015
Great little map, like all the ways through
said Nov 20, 2015
Hey Tinker,  it's been a while !
Thanks for stopping by :)
said Nov 20, 2015
This map is godlike.
said Nov 23, 2015
love it
said Dec 21, 2015
aw I like these "storytelling" maps a lot <3 ... still can't figure out the beginning tho i jus keep dying there lol

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