Arctic Sea

by Giamma
created Sep 14, 2015
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short flow

map notes
Inspired by Doughnation's map "Polar" ( ).

I done this map many months ago but it never convinced me at all. It was to be intended more long but today I decided to publish it since I was tired to see it ahah.
I made little kinda feels unfinished to me but I think it plays quite well.

Hope you enjoy!
edited Sep 14, 2015


Luke's Cat
said Sep 14, 2015
Cool, needs some polar bears though.
said Sep 15, 2015
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 14, 2015
Short and fun, doesn't seem unfinished to me.  Short maps are fine and people try harder to optimize them.  I think it feels a little lonely and empty though.  I think I just can't properly grasp minimalism.  All my minimalism is too complex, oxymorontastic.
edited Sep 18, 2015
Probably not Towelie
said Sep 14, 2015
I find it incredible how you can turn even a compliment into a bad thing.
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 14, 2015
Don't you mean... Shincredible?  Oh Towelie, I love you.
said Sep 14, 2015
I think the empty/minimalistic look goes very nicely with this map.
said Sep 14, 2015
Really cool. I thought the spacing was a bit awkward at some points but that's probably just me.
said Sep 14, 2015
Same. I know there's some sort of trick to it, but I personally couldn't make it work.
said Sep 14, 2015
The awkward spacing at the end was intended, the map was too easy to approach.
For the ceiling part in the middle of the map, after the zetta slope, the sequenze of input tom maintain the speed is:
- dash when you left the ceiling of the zetta slope;
- light attack;
- dash before the other ceiling;

Let me know if there are other parts, they were not intended to be awkward.
said Sep 15, 2015
I didn't have any issues with that part (although doing it fast is challenging). I just would have shifted a few platforms/slopes by a tile or so to make it more comfortable. I'm just nitpicking though, it's great overall.
said Sep 14, 2015
A fine little map, also very pretty colors.
said Sep 15, 2015
i like the minimalist design. reminds me of at sea.
said Sep 19, 2015
Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feeeeeeeel tonight

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