Space Bears

by Luke's Cat
created Sep 12, 2015
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map notes
No, they are not really in space; they are just on some distant planet and need saving from the evil prism people.

Big thanks to indapop for help with the icon and some camera stuff; but mostly the icon :3

Suggested music (trigger warning for massive cheese):


said Sep 13, 2015
Why would I want to save the bears? They're big meanies who attack me when I get close, while the prism people just sit there and are wiling to sacrifice themselves to provide me with air charges. I think you have the plot all wrong :p
Luke's Cat
said Sep 13, 2015
The Bears are just mad since they are covered in leaves. And they are so cute!
said Sep 13, 2015
so much fun yeah. Helping eradicate the virus of the forest off those bears :D
Luke's Cat
said Sep 14, 2015
Glad you like it :D
said Oct 3, 2015
Bears in Space!?!!?!?
Luke's Cat
said Oct 3, 2015
Yeah they chillin! :)

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