Glass chamber

by DustCreep
created Aug 26, 2015
455 views | 731 downloads

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map notes
A small experiment. I have no idea about the best route.
Art partially inspired/copied from

I'm tempted to make more of these from time to time in the future, so if you have any suggestions on possible improvement don't hold back :)


said Aug 26, 2015
It's hard to judge a "construction site" map (and also I didn't try to route it) so I don't know what to say about this map.

But as idea for future maps, you could use this glitch (I thought was a cool glitch but no one made a map with that :/)
edited Aug 26, 2015
said Aug 27, 2015
I sure haven't forgotten about this awesome glitch :)
What I wanted was construction site gameplay mixed up with some slopes, dustblocks and more enemies.
I'll probably get some testers for the next one (whenever that will be), because for me it's really hard to foresee how people will play these kind of maps.
said Aug 26, 2015
Snow's strat is too good.
said Aug 26, 2015
i love the use of the glass tiles; i feel people don't use them as much as they could.

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