Save the Bear

by Luke's Cat
created Aug 22, 2015
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map notes
Well, here is my first hopefully legit map. It is a bit tricky in a few places but is definitely doable. I hope you have fun zooming through the caves in an attempt to save the cute bear! Have fun getting to the apple :P I didn't try any of this map with Worth and only a tiny bit with Kid... I recommend Girl or Man.

Thanks to Indapop and Ratingus with helping me set the cameras and fog trigger! Also, thanks to the NPCs who laid down their lives while testing the any% route.


said Aug 22, 2015
if you put an apple in the middle of the long section it would make it easier for slower players and fat kids to ss, while not affecting the fast strat

ok map as is
Luke's Cat
said Aug 22, 2015
Thanks for the input! I didn't really give a kid much thought to be honest. I also did not really want people to just be able to walk to an SS. Probably not the right frame of mind but it is what it is :P It is SSable with kid; you just have to be creative.
said Aug 22, 2015
gud map. rip npcs
said Aug 22, 2015
A more appropriate name would be "Save the Maid".
Luke's Cat
said Aug 22, 2015
hehe :)
said Aug 22, 2015
much spoiler
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 23, 2015
...based on Save the Bear Spirit?
Luke's Cat
said Aug 24, 2015

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