Encrusted Slime

by Kuitar
created Aug 19, 2015
431 views | 737 downloads

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map notes
First map I made. Not really too hard but some checkpoint might be a bit tricky.

It can be SS'd with all character (a part is a bit awkward with kid but not really too hard)

There is also 3 hidden apples if wanna try to find them.

Comment for critics since it's, as I said, my first map.

Hope you like it :3


said Aug 19, 2015
You don't get to put in a tunnel that narrow and call this medium.
said Aug 19, 2015
Should I change the tag to hard? It didn't feel that hard to me compared to some map with the tag hard. I guess playing the map over and over while creating it make it easier too...
said Aug 19, 2015
pretty cool, great for a first map i enjoyed it. There were a few camera issues in places, not being able to see what's ahead of me or showing me too far ahead so i get the route confused and do it out of order, but overall fairly minor.
said Aug 19, 2015
Thanks. And yeah I can understand that about the camera. I'll need to do more testing with those as I kinda rushed them here.
said Aug 19, 2015
probably couldn't been more purple, but that's just me
said Aug 19, 2015
Really awkward. I wouldn't say it's so much hard as it is unfun hard. I like challenges, but some of the sections felt anti-fun (the cross in the top right, that diagonal pit going downwards. That tunnel is a little too narrow, and the chimney section that goes into it also feels too narrow.
said Aug 19, 2015
A pretty good first map. I enjoyed the Dustkid challenge. It's more on the technical side which means there won't be a lot of people trying to do more than SD or SS and move on I think. I had fun :)
said Aug 19, 2015
Ceiling dustblock section had really awkward spacing. Woulda gone for SS if that wasn't so inconsistent.
said Aug 20, 2015
wait! this is not a baguette! D: (p.s. cool map)
said Aug 20, 2015
Cool map!

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