by MNTempest
created Aug 10, 2015
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map notes
Nothing too special except that you can't really complete this map unless you complete both sides.  Completing both sides gives you enough meter to use your special and trigger the ending (sorry any % category).

It's also definitely the hardest map i've made so far, although the difficulty definitely varies (pinkish side is probably harder).


said Aug 10, 2015
These deathzones.... i have no idea where half of my deaths are coming from - other than that I like the map and cool concept :)
said Aug 10, 2015
I promise you i will learn to use the camera... and no more stupid death zones <_<
said Aug 11, 2015
Given how cramped this stage is overall, you shouldn't have any death zones in the middle of the stage whatsoever. It's better to use spikes for this purpose.
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 10, 2015
-lightningy, probably
said Aug 11, 2015
its kinda meh...or I would have said that. Not very fun, height of left side makes dropping through dustblocks not an option or something. Right side cross section isn't very fun.

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