Square Root

by Shin Rekkoha
created May 26, 2015
474 views | 849 downloads

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map notes
"Think outside the box."

Here is the (kinda) sequel map to: http://atlas.dustforce.com/5015/division

It's red now, and you go down instead of up.  I'd write more or make a better map but I'm kinda tired right now.  Tired of everything since my dog has bone cancer and even a leg amputation will only slightly prolong a significantly more miserable life, and nothing can help.  So I guess I'm done for now.

Heh, compared to the garbage that is my existence, worrying about not getting enough Atlas comments on my other maps that I poured so much into seems silly now.

Recommended Music:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqAZb6QJuto


said May 26, 2015
I take it this was a map for all the basement dwellers?

Shin Rekkoha
said May 27, 2015
I'm afraid I don't get this joke.  Can you please explain it for me?
Shin Rekkoha
said May 27, 2015
There is no reason to 5/5 this map, even I can see that it's inferior to my previous Square maps.  I just hurried up and finished it to have it done.  I just, don't understand anything anymore.

I literally put in a hellish super drop at the end.  C'mon.
said May 27, 2015
I bumped it down to 4. You're welcome :P
said May 28, 2015
Your dog :(

Btw nice map...even if you put a hellish super drop it's a fun map.
Keep it up with these easy and simple maps!
said Jun 2, 2015
Great map

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