by Shin Rekkoha
created May 24, 2015
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map notes
50 Shades of... Blue?

   Here is another very easy map.  On this one it is possible to die to deathzones, but only by leaving the edges of the map.  It used to be enclosed in a box, but I determined that the map looked a lot nicer with only floating platforms.  Aside from that, and falling far enough to lose your combo to the timer, it is pretty much impossible to not SS this map.  IT'S BLUE!!!  Virtual tiles are FUN!

Dustworth will naturally be the fastest on the any%, but maybe not so on the SS thanks to the dust placement favoring the downheavies of Dustman and Dustgirl.  I'm sure you will have fun battling it out and missing single tiles of dust on your WR attempts :)

Recommended Music:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uez6UTU6lHo
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said May 24, 2015
first try SS
Shin Rekkoha
said May 24, 2015
This guy :)

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