Mapler slide practice

by Leap
created May 9, 2015
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map notes
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This map requires mapler slide at every ceiling, can be completed in 25s roughly and it is  Dustman/Dustgirl-only

Mapler slide explained by Hourglass

When you're riding a ceiling you have the option to do the running animation later.
 if you immediately hold up and the left or right direction you use it instantly.
However, if you just hold up when you begin your ceiling ride
you can at a later instance press left or right to begin the running animation which can get you further than normally on the slope.
Very useful in many Dustkid situations but also applicable to other characters.
retagged May 9, 2015


Shin Rekkoha
said May 9, 2015
I honestly didn't understand how to fall of the ceiling early, then airjump, then ceiling run again, which was the intended way to complete the long ceiling runs of ghost parapets.  So the first time I even finished that map with dustman was me mapler sliding, because I didn't know any better and thought it must be the intended way.  Of course now I understand that the intended strat is to only play Worth and Kid on that shit map.
Luke's Cat
said May 9, 2015
Why does everything have to be harder with girl!? :/
said May 10, 2015
this map has some  tight section with Dustgirl(2nd and 3rd checkpoint) and it is generally harder than DM, congrats nice run.
Luke's Cat
said May 11, 2015
Sped it up a little bit, had to live up to your description :P
said May 10, 2015
Today I learned a new trick. Neat.
said May 11, 2015
tech's that aren't usually required for maps. Seems cool. Be prepared for another hard as shit map that incorporates all advanced techniques. No tera drops or other bullshit. Just hard as shit techniques. Infinite wall climb into one of these should be fun.

great map btw. reminds me of dough maps.
Luke's Cat
said Dec 31, 2015
I turned to the dark side, it is so powerful  :l

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