Waste of Time

by Last Hope
created Apr 5, 2015
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map notes
It's not that hard to understand.  Really, it isn't.  I spend my time creating.  I spread joy, knowledge, humor, kindness, all sorts of things that you don't understand.  Because you only spread hate.  You don't create; you only destroy.  You may try to destroy me, but that is the beauty of this irony.  You aren't in charge of the situation; I AM.  When you stop spewing hate, most people won't even notice your absence.  Heh, when you stop, you'll be lucky if anyone besides me even notices.  However, when I stop, people will notice.  The wonderful creations will cease.  There will be a void left behind.  Most importantly, when I stop, you will lose your purpose.  I have always been in charge of this state of affairs, you fool.
retagged Dec 18, 2015


Probably not Towelie
said Apr 5, 2015
1 bombed for the void.

jk (I have to add this now because everyone does not have a sense of humor anymore)
said Apr 5, 2015
You gave this amazing map a 1?!?!?! No JK's allowed!!!

I really liked this actually.
Last Hope
said Apr 6, 2015
The overly aggressive 1 bombing actually stopped being funny months ago.  Now it's just sad.  Everyone point and laugh at the trolls.
said Apr 5, 2015
watcha talking about bro
Last Hope
said Apr 5, 2015
I like to tell stories!  Yay  :)
said Apr 5, 2015
Neat little map!
said Apr 6, 2015
5 because of description
Shin Rekkoha
said Apr 7, 2015
I guess you could say... this map really *eclipsed* the competition.
edited Apr 11, 2015

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