by Nerphs
created Jan 6, 2015
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Long, long map. Virtual, virtual map.
And simple visuals. ....-
I wanted to bring something long and challenging, but on Second thought I decided to leave some room for mistakes, mostly because I'm getting tired of really tight maps. Freedom is fun.
edited Jan 21, 2015


said Jan 6, 2015
Tough, but I like it

** I do wonder what sort of moves were intended at some parts. I felt like I was doing it wrong. But I'm bad. Hardest parts at the beginning and end make SSing this scary
edited Jan 6, 2015
said Jan 7, 2015
It ended up being divided into sections with different concepts. "Do this thing." "Now do it again with less space, or something." Then I mashed everything together at the end.

It's meant to be tough, but I didn't want to make it frustrating. Yes, I should've placed a checkpoint at the end.
said Jan 6, 2015
This is a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppppppp

(get it? long map? maaaap? no? ok then)

Bit too difficult for me to put a lot of effort into (still haven't SS'd yotta) but it was fun going through it. The final section seems a bit long without a checkpoint though
said Jan 7, 2015
Keep up the good comedy.

Also today I had a dream where everyone got SS on this map, so I believe in you. Although maybe you should spend the time with yotta.
said Jan 6, 2015
this map is pretty hard b/c im bad, but its a lot of fun
said Jan 6, 2015
It's ok if you don't SS this map because... eh... oh well, too late. Congratulations.
I'm glad it was fun.
said Jan 6, 2015
I loved individual parts, but the last save was long. I think I would have enjoyed it more split into more parts.
said Jan 6, 2015
Ugghhhh, I can still hear myself asking: "Why aren't we placing another checkpoint?"
I don't think I can answer it anymore. I should've done the tunnel before the 4 heavy prisms a bit longer to fit it in. I also need to sleep but the prisms are haunting me...
said Jan 8, 2015
surprisingly legit. good stuff. will try to finish up my SS on this some time soon
said Jan 17, 2015
I had an SS till last checkpoint on a run that has since been overwritten by a replay that kicked itay out of top 10.
said Aug 31, 2015
ArsiaKid Complete!
said Aug 31, 2015

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