4 Yumbunz

by Wazzy
created Jan 2, 2015
386 views | 642 downloads

/ 22 votes

/ 4 votes

yumbunz is so hot

map notes
Just a quick 5 hour map
edited Jan 2, 2015


said Jan 2, 2015
literally the best map ever!
said Jan 2, 2015
Why do these joke maps get such high ratings?
said Jan 2, 2015
Just because they are joke maps doesn't mean they aren't fun.

That's what the rating is for. Fun! And I'm pretty sure most people laughed when they first went into this map.
said Jan 2, 2015
I don't think fun is the only component that makes up the overall rating. Getting a chuckle out of me with a level that has zero replay value and no decoration to speak of doesn't seem like it'd be worth 5 stars. Anyway, I'm not telling people how to vote, just wanted to express how disheartening I find it that maps that have actual cool gameplay and that people clearly put a lot of effort into barely get 3 stars, while joke maps constantly rake in 4-5 stars.
said Jan 3, 2015
I personally have more fun with joke maps (even replaying it a thousand times) then playing a map that is just about boosting and linear. Those are really boring to me and i play them most of the time only once. For example take varredors maps his are creative maybe hard and have some stupid parts but they are something fresh and new.

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