Crystal Cave 2

by spiceman
created Dec 12, 2014
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map notes
Another quick map!


said Dec 12, 2014
I really have no idea what it is about your maps, but none of them quiet feel "right" to me. Everyone else loves them though and I do agree they're well made and interesting, keep up the good work.

I think it's the aspect of the level that allows for no creativity, very linear fit levels that only allow for optimizations. Would be something to maybe think about though, if other people agree with me atleast, find a way to allow more freedom in player movement and reduce the "auto pathing", if you would like to try something new. ( Not that there's any reason to)

kill the dustbinary
said Dec 12, 2014
I'm not sure if it would be possible to have a more open level with obstacles as tight and satisfying to play as the ones in spiceman's maps. That would be my idea of perfection, though.
said Dec 12, 2014
they are indeed very linear
said Dec 12, 2014
I thought of another word with more negative connotation... "claustrophobic". However, I think your description fits better than mine, and it sounds better.

However, I would prefer this level in particular to have a better camera, as well as one of the checkpoints to have a bit more warning when it comes to WATCH OUT SPIKES before you have a chance to move (it's right next to a giant prism behind a wall).
said Dec 13, 2014
i'd agree theres not much room for creativity, but i think the creativity in the map is in the path he pre-chose, if that makes sense. i think his intended paths are quite unique, while still flowing very smoothly. but i would like some more open-ness in them i think
said Dec 13, 2014
I totally agree, and I'm making something that's hopefully much less linear!
said Dec 12, 2014

I saw it. For a brief second, I saw it.
said Dec 13, 2014
Haha awesome. It's in most of my maps.

The one in scorched earth 2 is my favourite..
said Dec 13, 2014
Great map as always!
said Dec 13, 2014
I like this map alot 5/5
Luke's Cat
said Dec 13, 2014
said Dec 13, 2014
*pinches between fingers*
said Dec 13, 2014
Holy cow the first obstacle is a beast for dustkid. Still possible to SS though just barely :0
said Dec 13, 2014
The method I used for the first part is easy, but so slow.  Without requiring speed, i kindof see spice levels as dustkid puzzle levels sometimes.
said Dec 16, 2014
What the hell is this time gap?

Also, I just got a 1:27 SB as dustkid. I kinda understand now.
edited Dec 16, 2014
said Dec 14, 2014
Really like the flow and feel of the level, plays a lot like your acropark series.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thank you for the amazing challenges in your levels.

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