by bengarrr
created Nov 16, 2014
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map notes
custom map race reject :P
edited Nov 16, 2014


said Nov 16, 2014
found it really hard to see all the dust and follow the path, coloring was too similar however really fun once you know what you're doing.
said Nov 16, 2014
ah sorry bout that...contrasting color values are my enemy
Probably not Towelie
said Nov 16, 2014
lots of fun but pretty difficult, especially that heavy tunnel, I always end up down dashing into the spikes because I suck haha
said Nov 16, 2014
mmm green onions
said Nov 17, 2014
actually wasn't too hard, obviously there's the visibility problem but its short enough that one playthrough is enough to know where everything is.

gud job
said Nov 17, 2014
Those dustblocks are near impossible to see for me. Might have something to do with Red/Green colourblindness. Would love this map otherwise, I think :c
said Nov 17, 2014
Dude that name. I'm hungry now.
said Nov 18, 2014
is there a sexual implication by that title?
said Nov 18, 2014
You make really cool virtual/difficult levels
said Nov 19, 2014
The only thing I don't like about this level is that dust is really hard to see because of the color of the map and background, a bunch of times I couldn't really tell where the dustblocks were an the section right at the start where you have to light attack a prism and then heavy attack one through the wall made me get 3 AS's because if you hit both with a heavy dust spreads on the wall there and as I said dust is pretty hard to spot. Other than that fine map.
said Nov 26, 2014
I generally hate hitting at prisms in spiked walls, but everything was spaced so dustkid should atleast get to it.

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