by MyFaceYourFace
created Nov 7, 2014
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map notes
First Map! Hope you enjoy!
ReReuplaoded Last time for sure! ;-; I'm new to this so bear with me

First time was for wrong spawn

Second was missing spikes.


said Nov 7, 2014
Im sorrry
said Nov 7, 2014
It's a good first map. I'm still not 100% sure on some of the intended methods for some areas lol, but it was fun to go through and SS. 5/5
said Nov 7, 2014
Yeah, Didn't notice you could get across that gap you did. But you skipped the wonky jump I had in the level. thanks for playing : D
said Nov 7, 2014
Don't try to make a map hard, just for the sake of it being hard. That being said there were some fun spots, and some really annoying spots.
said Nov 7, 2014
Too frustratingly difficult with dustkid, so I had to dustman it. Make it all character friendly next time!
said Nov 7, 2014
I don't like having to fall through really tight spots with spikes, especially having to adjust myself right after killing a prism in midair, and the section with the little blocks were you have to wait and slide on them to line up for the right height for the jumps is not very interesting and fun, especially considering that I have to wait and do nothing when I'd like to go fast. The rest of the map is fun, the visuals were a little barebones, but good for a first map.
said Nov 7, 2014
For a first map, it's nice. 4/5
said Nov 8, 2014
not rly
said Nov 8, 2014
Feels like a really old level and is very angular. Was fun and challenging to beat tho :-)

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