by Nonaness
created Oct 24, 2014
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map notes
Updated version. I'm not sure if it plays any different, but this should be the full one i made. Hope you enjoy :)


said Oct 24, 2014
still no goal, still bad. Play your maps and test them out. If you don't like it, why would anyone else.
said Oct 25, 2014
Is it bad because there is no goal, or because you can't complete it? I have tested it over 50 times, even though there aren't many dead zones yet and it's still a work-in-progress the level can be beaten and at the end (even tho there's no goal) you can get a combo of higher than 7000.

I don't make difficult maps, just fun ones. Or at least I think they're fun anyway :)
said Oct 25, 2014
Even though I appreciate everyone's effort to upload a map to the atlas, please don't publish WIP levels. Upload it after it's finished completely. If you're not certain if it's complete or facing problems, just join the #dustforce irc, you can usually find someone who's willing to help / test your level and give criticism.
I checked this level, there is no red goal-flag in it, so no way to end it.
said Oct 24, 2014
Entities - Red Flag - Click - Shift+Click on 1+ enemies

When that enemy is destroyed the level ends. Easy :d
said Oct 25, 2014
i tried this, but whenever i get anywhere close to the enemy it ends the game, like i don't even have to see the enemy on the screen, it just activates the goal anyway. That's why i didn't bother putting it in. The only difference between this one and the other one is, the other version is an older saved file.
said Oct 25, 2014
After you placed the red flag hold shift.
While holding shift, click on enemies or prisms.

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