Outer Spiral

by Wazzy
created Oct 14, 2014
359 views | 638 downloads

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map notes
Fairly quick virtual level I just made.



said Oct 14, 2014
my main problem with the recent spate of narrow spike corridor hover levels is that they're pretty low effort to make and don't offer interesting gameplay variety.

idk, once you've played one, you've pretty much played them all.

i don't mean to shit on your level in particular but i just think that prism hover maps in general need to be done properly to be really any fun at all.

example: milkshake is a map much like this but it involves timing and directing attacks, and the difficulty isn't primarily a consequence of the spatial constraints of the level.
said Oct 15, 2014
cotton candy + milkshake were really good :3
said Oct 14, 2014
repetitive/not very interesting, vox did a pretty good job of explaining why
said Oct 14, 2014
It's okay, but the first part is basically a less interesting Backup Shift, followed by a reverse one :p
said Oct 15, 2014
Found this a lot more fun than i should have because i always seemed to double up prisms and kill myself as a result, posed a fun challenge.

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