Upwards Bound

by EklipZ
created Oct 4, 2014
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said Oct 4, 2014
route is unclear, so that is requires arrows, and then the arrows are somewhat hard to see, and then even when gonig the correct route, you magically need to know you need boosts (and can overshoot things if you boost too well) if all those are true, your map isn't clear enough to meet playability for a CMR
Probably not Towelie
said Oct 4, 2014
Route was clear, could see quite clearly, didn't magically need to know I needed boosts, never over shot things, felt map was perfect for CMR. Everything you just stated is completely subjective.

Also when did you become master of atlas?
said Oct 4, 2014
bird has been master map critic for a long time lol. A lot of people had trouble with the start of this map during the race, so I agree with bird there. The route was totally clear though, there was only one spot that needed arrows (to avoid the any% route), the arrows were just for aesthetics mainly, and to point you in the right direction in case anyone wouldnt have assumed they needed to go up otherwise
said Oct 4, 2014
flamebait + flaming

How were the arrows hard to see? What is gonig? How does a short map not meet playability criteria for CMRs?
said Oct 4, 2014
first two boosts required to make it up the level are too finicky. i think the rest is fine.
said Oct 4, 2014
Agreed with this, although I agree with Towelie about how I didn't need to "magically" know I needed boosts (especially if I used Dustkid or Dustworth).
said Oct 9, 2014
I thought the route was clear outside the first split near the beginning where you can choose left or right, but the arrows cleared that up without pulling my attention from the map itself. Getting up onto the third slope was really challenging for me and the first time I made it I lost the combo while on my way to the top blob. The big gap in the middle is what ended up causing me to drop the race, didn't know I needed the boost from the slope until II saw the gap and by that point it was a choice between going for it or dropping finesse to the broken combo. Other attempts I really focused on keeping the momentum from the slope and ended up boosting off into the gap instead of landing the jump needed before. I was worried at the blocks but they ended up going by really smoothly thanks to best friend heavy attack. I think most of what I have problems with is just small stuff that seems really big to me because I'm a lower level player and have almost only played stock maps until this CMR. I'm sure maps similar won't seem nearly as trying to me once I get the feel for more CM's! Have proudly gone back to exact revenge upon this map and SS'd it ^^

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