by Calistus
created Sep 27, 2014
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map notes
I am finally putting this map out after weeks of having it sit in my folder.

I originally wanted to make a map focused around buffering jumps on slants to go fast. I couldn't get it quite right, so I sent it to Tropicallo who ended up making the majority of the gameplay in this map, as well as the camera. Unfortunately, too many people have seen this map for it to be submitted for a CMR.

Credit to Tropicallo.


said Sep 27, 2014
Good work tropicallo. Only you could make something this amazing out of a Calistus map.
edit: actually calistus' maps are pretty good these days...
said Sep 27, 2014
not very fun for dustkid.
said Sep 27, 2014
said Sep 28, 2014
I actually really enjoyed this. Using the slant angles instead of slopes was an interesting change of pace. There were times where it was a little frustrating, but I chalk that up to playing the map for the first time rather than it being overly hard. I thought it was a pretty cool design.
said Sep 29, 2014
Great level. I really like to dash on 22,5° platforms, the boost looks and feels so cool :-)
said Sep 29, 2014
This was a great map for learning that I'm f***ing awful at the odd degree boosts.
edited Sep 30, 2014
said Sep 29, 2014
this is a really good map

the fact that i suck at it and yet thoroughly enjoyed it is rather amazing
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 29, 2014
Nice 26.6 degree themed map.  I think it needs more porcupines, but that may just be me.

How Angles Work:
said Sep 29, 2014
I still hate dust/slime/trash blocks

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