Slope Boost Practice

by deathstar3548
created Sep 8, 2014
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map notes
So I suck at Slope-Boosting.
Therefore, I made this map to help myself and others to get the rhythm. The rhythm of the street, ya know?

Tested with Dustman, I do not know how the others fare. Could be easier or harder.

There's absolutely no hidden areas in this map. None. Don't even bother looking. cough

I can barely make it to the end. Most of the time I don't.


said Sep 8, 2014
dont zoom out boost practice maps, zoom lags dashes for a lot of people >>
Probably not Towelie
said Sep 8, 2014
like me
said Sep 8, 2014
cant boost, captain
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 8, 2014
There are so many practice and tutorial maps already that a casual search would let you know you don't need to make this.  Do you know why I made Cracklin Oat Bran, and why I made Dogeforce?  Because I searched Atlas first and we didn't any cereal or doge maps.  I probably wouldn't make a map we already have 10 of.
edited Sep 8, 2014
said Sep 9, 2014
Just bad.
said Sep 10, 2014
it help me a little but i still cant do it i can beat but in side i fail a little bit
Luke's Cat
said Dec 15, 2016
I liked it, don't listen to these people, I doubt they even play dustforce.

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