by asdHeyB
created Sep 7, 2014
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map notes
On this level I tried to correct some issues with tiles, death triggers and awkwardness gameplay-wise. Also, I wanted to experiment a little bit with visuals, so I hope you can see all sh*t. Please, let me know if there is anything wrong.


said Sep 7, 2014
Dustblocks should be solid surfaces with dust on the surface, ESPECIALLY the slopeboost, its annoying to miss dust on the wall for  no reason, the checkpoints/starting placement seem weird, blind drop, all the enemies seem to be placed in a way that doesnt flow very well, lack of dust can cause you to drop combo
said Sep 7, 2014
start sucks. The wall climb caused me to drop combo for no reason. Don't put an apple there. It's misleading to the path. Blind drop sucks.
said Sep 7, 2014
Also, this shouldn't be happening:
said Sep 7, 2014
Agree with lightning, the blind drop is nothing but annoying, and the start is very confusing route wise. Still found it kinda fun :P 3/5
said Sep 7, 2014
I really liked this map after figuring out that you were supposed to go down the hole instead of carry the apple :)

The only thing I didn't like is the slime block section - about 70% of my runs end there when I miss a single block. I would say all mapmakers should just replace those sections with normal walls with slime.
said Sep 7, 2014
Are you italian? :3
 The only other maps I saw with an italian title are the maps by Mercurio.
said Sep 8, 2014
i think he may have meant to write "fenestra" which in an english word (albeit esoteric)?
said Sep 7, 2014
Slopeboost jump in dustblock form, otherwise known as, impossible to take as dustkid.
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 7, 2014
My main takeaway, besides that the start is awful, is that you need to use a directed camera or start putting walls where you don't want the player to go, because there are two main spots where everyone jumps off into the void because the route isn't obvious.  Especially the apple, which invites players toward it, but is the wrong way.  That and don't use dustblocks for slope boosts.
edited Sep 9, 2014

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