Rocky Cave

by Riokaii
created Sep 3, 2014
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map notes
Thanks to Tropicallo and African for testing

This map was inspired mainly by Caverns but i changed it quite a bit and it kinda became a level of it's own rather than a remake/edit of the original.

I also experimented with camera's in this map, so let me know if those are in working order!

checkpoints are, as always. inficated by the fireflies


said Sep 3, 2014
gewd mep
Probably not Towelie
said Sep 3, 2014
Nice, if using a camera, I would recommend using either a detach or multi routes just so you don't blindly walk into an area or fall down to an unknown death as seen in my replay.

After downloading it and opening it up in the editor I see that you used one camera size throughout the whole map, it's kind of pointless to have cameras if you don't want to either focus on a certain area or change the size of the camera to include more in the monitor. For the drop, I would say an 1150 size or 1200 would be the best. Also, for the detach nodes you used, if the player has not followed the exact camera route, it won't detach.

edited Sep 3, 2014
said Sep 3, 2014
There was a issue where the camera wouldn't follow me up enough so i could actually see where things were when I wasn't sure where the map was guiding me.  I'll leave it in my replay for awhile.
said Sep 3, 2014
yeah I learned some things with cameras with this map, sorry! I basically never use cameras ever so this map is kinda hindered by me trying to get better at it unfortunately
said Sep 3, 2014
It doesn't bother me too much, experimentation is about the only way to learn stuff like that.  I more just want you to know it's there.
said Sep 3, 2014
You really like caverns don't you.
said Sep 3, 2014
Also, not as dustkidfriendly as I'd like
said Sep 4, 2014
Saved my kind of sloppy first run for the super pro way of taking out the first stompy gargoyle
said Sep 4, 2014
Feels a lot like Caverns which is cool.
Shin Rekkoha
said Sep 4, 2014
I didn't comment on your map Bird.  !!!COMMENT!!!  #NailedIt
said Sep 5, 2014
next bird level: domeverns

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