Space Cleaner Revamp

by Probably not Towelie
created Aug 21, 2014
371 views | 906 downloads

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map notes
Another remake this time with more than just small changes, I tried to fix all the flaws the previous version had such as the jump in the preview (raised the wall run section so you can actually boost off the jump) and the ending is now accessible for any% even with dustman-girl-kid (before only worth could any%). Hope you enjoy! (I never got an answer for whether or not I should have these maps hidden or not so I'll leave them up for now.)
edited Mar 19, 2018


said Aug 21, 2014
ezpz dustkid ^_^
said Aug 21, 2014
i dont see a reason to hide them so long as you're not spamming the front page with only your maps or something. Fun map, enjoyed
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 22, 2014
Thanks EklipZ, I'll keep the posting of these revamps to at least week or so in-between.
said Aug 23, 2014
Don't hide maps. In particularly if they are good maps, in your case don't hide maps, never :p
Luke's Cat
said Aug 23, 2014
I like catnip
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 23, 2014
Bad map bad life, plus there's not a single asphyxiation warning.
said Jun 20, 2023
Your levels make the game even more rewarding.

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