Aerial Dashjumps

by Sir Useless
created Aug 16, 2014
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map notes
So, this is a map to practice Aerial Dashjumping on. I myself have been using this map to practice my timing for this technique so I thought that I would add a few things and upload it so that anyone that wants to can use it as well! :D

You can only use Dustman, Dustgirl or Dustkid because Dustworth jumps are too high for this particular scenario.

More info about Aerial Dashjumping and this map can be found by going near the npc at the start.

This trick is (EDIT: Not frame perfect) pretty difficult to pull off so you might need to practice a bit before you get the timing right :)

(When you get to the last corridor, use the apple to maintain your combo to the end!)

(Another EDIT: Dustworth can actually do it using a very sneeky way.)
edited Aug 17, 2014


said Aug 16, 2014
I'm a lot more consistent at dash jumping then I had thought, got it on my third attempt.  Then I got decimated by an apple, but I'm far too lazy to fix that.  

Pretty decent dash-jump map.  I can't really think of a dashjump use that every char needs, but no char can get around.  If you go wide, dustkid will make it, if you go up, dustworth will make it.
Sir Useless
said Aug 16, 2014
Nice job :D I was looking through atlas for any maps like this but since there seem to be none (at least that I know of) that lets you practice this technique I felt like it would be worth uploading this one :3
said Aug 16, 2014
I've actually thought about making a map like this, but with more varied terrain that forces you to dashjump under many different circumstances. I never got around to making more than 6 seconds of it however
said Aug 17, 2014
Make it Eldip, then submit it as a CMR map after we start doing them without approval.  What could possibly go wrong.
said Aug 16, 2014
Frame perfect isn't really the correct term, other then that. a good map  to practice on 3/5
Sir Useless
said Aug 16, 2014
Oh, really? Well then. I basically only wrote that because it said frame perfect in Ponifex's tutorial video. Still, thank you for the comment bird :)
said Aug 16, 2014
Yeah, its way more lenient than that in terms of timing for both inputs.  The important thing is that the dash jump only works near the beginning of your fall.
said Aug 16, 2014
it is often called "frame perfect" because you must hit both the dash and jump keys on the same frame.

"Frame Perfect" tricks are usually defined by having a setup, and then a single frame window following the setup in which the trick may be performed.

This is not the case with dashjumps, as the setup is getting to the top of your jump / starting to fall, and the window within which you may perform the dashjump by pressing both keys simultaneously is ~20 frames long.
said Aug 17, 2014
You forgot the part where in a run, every single trick is both frame perfect and pixel perfect.
said Jun 20, 2023
Thanks for the addictive adventures in your levels.

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