by deathstar3548
created Aug 16, 2014
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map notes
Well guys this is my first actual map.
All my previous maps were just dillydallying and testing.
It's clear I need more testing.
I'm sorry if the background and props gives you a hernia.
I'm not good at decorating.
What d guys think about this one? I'd like to know!

Every map I make will have several secret areas, and this one is no different.

P.S. It's no use!

P.P.S Take this!


said Aug 16, 2014
It's pretty in some places, I like it. The route is ok but the camera is waaaay too far zoomed out. It's ok when the character is just falling, but by entering the sky scraper a ~1400unit camera would be a lot better.
said Aug 16, 2014
What is this camera.... Otherwise a fun map, except that the fall arrows dont line up with the hole you're supposed to fall into
said Aug 16, 2014
NEVER open up your map with an incredibly long, boring fall

NEVER zoom a camera out like that. 1500 should be the max zoom you ever use, above that and many players lag. Plus, you cant even see wtf is going on, even on a 1080p screen.

Many sections were awkward and had no flow whatsoever, try to design your maps to promote flow from one section to the next.

NEVER have blind drops into small gaps. Even with the arrows, falling into the tube at the end is obnoxious. A visual cue (like a background pillar above the hole or something like that for the player to line up with) would help greatly. But in general, avoid long falls. Nobody likes to be bored for 3 seconds over and over again when grinding your map ^^

All that aside, fairly decent map. I'm giving it 2/5 because of the camera, however. If the camera had been within sane zoom ranges the map would have been a 3.5
edited Aug 16, 2014
said Aug 16, 2014
on another note, in a map with secrets make sure that all edges are closed, i just fell off the side of the map at the far right by spike jumping all the way to the outside.
said Aug 16, 2014
These are the rudest secrets ever

Not bad, but a few things:

Don't zoom the camera out so far. Not only does that make it harder to see detail, it's also unnecessary and causes lag because it loads more props and the like. In particular, the exit of the building you go through suddenly gets laggy if you jump out, making it harder to precisely hit the dustball above the spikes, which can be frustrating.

Having a big fall at the start there is cool in a sense, but it's kind of annoying on replays (because there's no real skill involved or strategies in doing that and it just takes up time). Kind of minor though.
said Aug 16, 2014
Zoomed too far out. Really boring. Forced spike jumps suck, even if they're easy. Just have them be slanted platforms.
said Aug 16, 2014
You don't need to spike jump there at all
Luke's Cat
said Aug 16, 2014
I didn't mind the fall, or the zoom, had fun :)
said Aug 16, 2014
because you are a cat you are not allowed to weigh in on visual acuity issues
said Aug 16, 2014
Hm I guess the camera is too far out....

Thanks everyone for the feedback!
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 16, 2014
If you are going to put secrets in, don't make them like this. That's pretty damn annoying, especially when I enjoy finding those little places someone took their time to add in. I know you have no respect for other people who make maps but at the very least don't make it obvious like this.
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 16, 2014
The zoom is definitely too far out.  The transitions between tile types are flat and erratic.  At many points your background layers need to be darker, most glaringly with the rocks inside the slanted building.  They both look exactly like foreground tiles, the rocks should be noticeably darker.  While dramatic fog triggers are fun, yours take way too long and are especially jarring with all the massive falls.  You can use cameras to have proper zoom for most of the level, then detach the camera for the falls, and use a connect node with a huge trigger radius to quickly zoom the camera below the player before the end of the fall.  This can help players line up the falls, and makes them not blind, and doesn't screw the rest of the level.
said Aug 16, 2014
can't see shit
said Aug 17, 2014
inputs are actually getting eaten for me on this level its pretty frustrating
also artificial difficulty on the zoom :|

better luck next time
said Jun 20, 2023
Your talent in level design is amazing. Thanks!

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