Grass Tunnel

by yay899
created Aug 12, 2014
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map notes
My first try at mimicking the style of official forest maps.

For anyone who caught it during the few seconds before I took it down earlier, reuploaded for missing music and ambiance triggers.


Probably not Towelie
said Aug 12, 2014
Really reminds me of ruins in the gameplay, nice work!  Also if you want to make it truly look like a stock level I would recommend having some sort of background blocks to prevent the "floating blocks" look.
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 12, 2014
I'm at work but I really want to get home and play this just from the thumbnail.  That's some of my favorite platform layout.
Shin Rekkoha
said Aug 12, 2014
Alright it was pretty cool.  My main complaint is that the entire first half of the level uses obstacles too small and close together.  That is to say, the player can easily make bigger jumps, especially that one tile wide gap between the two ceiling runs.  That could be wider and still possible comfortably, but right now it feels pretty cramped and awkward, as well as being such a short gap that you need barely any momentum to cross it.  I'm not saying go overboard and make them perfect execution like a Zetta Slope, but you can use more space.  That and the background layers are a little too close in hue/brightness to the foreground.
Sir Useless
said Aug 12, 2014
Fun map! Feels like a stock map :D
said Aug 12, 2014
okay everything was pretty good except for the fact that the grass tiles in the background overlap with the dirt tiles that have grass on the top. either fade out the back tiles more or make the front dirt tiles brighter.

you can also adjust color schemes to tinge one of the two a different hue.
said Aug 12, 2014
Very, very nice and solid map! Awesome layer work as well
said Aug 12, 2014
i really like it, a little oddly placed but that just adds to the fun.
said Aug 12, 2014
Fun map and looks cool. Only part that irks me is the spike blocks and turkeys near the end. I feel they are a bit awkwardly placed but that might be just my poor mechanic skills. xD Overall It's a great level.
said Aug 12, 2014
Excellent map, I enjoyed it immensely bar a few tiny things that just clashed with my playstyle (which isn't your fault). The super at the end is a little awkward but for the most part it's beautiful and flows wonderfully.

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