by Sir Useless
created Aug 12, 2014
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map notes
A small symmetrical map where you have to gather all of the dust before taking out the large prism in the middle. Any% is very very short. Route the fastest SS :3 Feel free to copy my route.

Made with Dustman in mind by I seem to get faster times with Dustworth.

For those of you wondering what the name means. You'll have to click on did you mean Byzantium (color)

As always any constructive criticism is much appreciated! :D


said Aug 12, 2014
I'm kinda salty that Tropicallo's Dustworth run beats my Dustman run. >u>

But this map does play to his strengths so it should be expected.
Sir Useless
said Aug 12, 2014
Yea it is kind of to be expected ^^ Although I think your dustman run uses a really cool route :P
said Aug 15, 2014
Should I feel flattered? <:U Middle section is uncannily similar to one of my Equi maps, down to the spikes below the center platform...
edited Aug 18, 2014

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