by asdHeyB
created Aug 1, 2014
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map notes
Another piece of boredom as a result of another monotonous summer. This time I kept messing around with props and everything ended up in an abandoned temple/ancient building-like scenery. As always, HF!


said Aug 1, 2014
This map has lots of blind sections due to the camera, it lacks deathzones and you can unload your character in places.

Also link everything at the end of your map to the goal trigger, Losing SS just because of a hidden unlinked enemy is really stupid
edited Aug 1, 2014
said Aug 5, 2014
yeah, i just can't get the camera to work as i want
i'll take note about the killboxes and the checkpoints
but the three orbs weren't linked to the goal on purpose
thanks for the commment, now i know what not to do next time
said Aug 1, 2014
Loops are bad. Turkey section near the end felt weird.
said Aug 1, 2014
yeah blind drops are a big no no
said Aug 2, 2014
This wasn't as bad as the comments made it out at all, you've got a pretty decent sense of flow and there's fun stuff there.

But yeah, learn the camera and link everything at the end.
said Aug 5, 2014
got it: needs more camera work
thanks for commenting
said Aug 5, 2014
personally, my biggest issue is falling down in places and triggering a checkpoint while doing so, either sending me back (with enemies dead so I'm stuck), or making me accidentally skip map sections so I can't get S completion. I feel like this is an above-average map aside from a few frustrating things like that though, so I'd love to see more maps from you while being conscious of the problems of this one
said Aug 5, 2014
hm... i'll work more on that checkpoint stuff you mentioned next time
thanks for the feedback!
i guess this is what happens when the only one who tests a map is yourself /:

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