Supremely Difficult

by arbitraryasian
created Jul 16, 2014
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map notes
What started out as a personal map to practice advanced mechanics turned into this madness. Enjoy!


said Jul 16, 2014
Difficulty for the sake of difficulty is usually bad- It is in this case

The camera needs work, Not being able to see what you're dropping into isn't a challenge of skill, its unfair.

Difficulty is fine, you can make difficulty challenging and fair. This map screams unfun difficulty that doesnt have any focus on being fun.
said Jul 16, 2014
This map is a thing.
said Jul 17, 2014
There are some really cool and enjoyable parts, but a lot that seem way to unfair. The camera is bad in some spots too.
If you want to, I could help you with the camera and tell you what parts felt unfair to me ;-)
edited Jul 17, 2014
said Jul 17, 2014
The camera is really bad in most parts.

What frustrates me is the camera, not so much as the difficulty of the map. I can't see anything, and I have to basically react while falling. Even if I know where it is, it's kind of hard to do things if I can't see them.
said Jul 17, 2014
This violates 2 of my rules for a good difficult map.

1. If you can't finish your own map SS, there is probably serious problems with the map.  If the map isn't fun to play for the map maker, it probably won't be for anyone.  The only map that was made that the map maker couldn't beat that was good afaik was Yotta, and it sits in a very special place.
2. Don't make maps based on Yotta.
said Jul 17, 2014
rule #1 is golden gospel. if you personally do not have the skill in dustforce to finish maps of a certain difficultly, it should follow that you not attempt to make maps like that for other people to finish. don't try to write up calculus tests if you're struggling to pass trigonometry.
said Jul 17, 2014
I didn't know supremelymeters was a unit of measurement
said Jul 17, 2014
I first thought that Maze Of Pain was the dumbest challenge that existed, but then I saw this.
edited Jul 17, 2014
said Jul 17, 2014
Nice map.
said Jul 17, 2014
why is this so long
said Jul 18, 2014
said Jul 20, 2014
This map is fun~!

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