Stone Paradise

by Riokaii
created Jul 13, 2014
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map notes
Remade map of

This was an example of an almost good map that doesn't flow well when trying to go fast. I made tweaks that should hopefully keep true to the original very closely but vastly improve the playability


said Jul 13, 2014
Not at all hard if taken slowly, seemed pretty decent though, but I've not at all tried to fast, and probably never will.  --edit-- Also, background to foreground contrast could be a tad higher.
said Jul 13, 2014
Not to be rude but

"that doesn't flow well when trying to go fast"

you actually don't know how the map works trying to go fast. I saw a part of your stream and you just made a run through the map. You decided that the map had to be played from your point of view  (like using attacks to clear the dust instead ceiling run) and stop.
You didn't try to learn the map, that is the minimum to think to judge a map.

Also I think it's a bit presumptuous re-publish a map of other people and do a lesson of mapdesign, or whatever, with it.
said Jul 13, 2014
Oh, this is someone elses map, I'm not a fan of that...
said Jul 13, 2014
@ fireball, I literally listed in the description it was a remake of someone elses map and linked it. I wasn't trying to hide it or anything.

@Giamma- The following is a direct quote from the original map desprcription "though getting through quickly will involve some fancy broom use! "

He also used the tag "technical"

Having watched the fastest replay of the old map I can also say that the problems with it are clear. I really liked the map overall, and I was sad to see it not be as fulfilling to play as it could have been. The original map makers goal was to get through it quickly and  to use the technical ability of attacking to do it.

I set out with the goal to improve the map by using what I knew as a good player  to make it fun to optimize and flow smoothly and quickly and use cool stuff with attacks.

I think i completely succeeded.

I know how the previous map works trying to go fast, There are places where you COULD use attacks if the map was setup slightly different and these small tweaks make it closer to the original mappers vision. It also has parts that are completely flow-killing such as the "dust-stairs" at the beginning, the flag and it's placement. one of the slanted suspended platforms having awkward geometry that kills your speed. etc.

I did not "decide" the map had to be played a certain way. I actually stayed as true to the originals play as I could WHILE improving the flow smoothness. I added places where you can use fancy attacks to save time and still kept the ceiling running aspect almost entirely intact. I removed the flow killers while still having enemies in roughly the same locations. I did think to judge the map and I think I looked at it very fairly to both improve on its low points while keeping true to what I did like about it.

Whether you think it was presumptuous is frankly not a care of mine. This wasn't to say. "This original map sucked heres how to make a good map when ur not bad" It was to say "heres a design that I liked but i think fell short, I'm going to do my best to give it a chance to live up to what it could have been" I happened to be streaming at the time and if people watching wanted to get into map making they could observe as to how I tweaked the map and playtested it myself and made adjustments from there and take that into their own map creations and maybe improve those before releasing them so that their maps can live up to what they could be.

Hope people understand where i'm coming from
said Jul 13, 2014
I thought it was a remake of your own old map.  You weren't trying to hide it, but it wasn't entirely obvious to me without actually looking at the link either.
said Jul 13, 2014
First: I re-read my message and it's too harsh, sorry.

I understand your purpose and I'm sure that you made this map with good intentions, but honestly I wouldn't be happy if someone would do the same with one of my maps.
"Lesson" wasn't related to your stream (that was interesting, and obviously you can do what do you want). The fact you published this map seems like a "lesson".
Probably I didn't choice the best word :/.
said Jul 14, 2014
Frankly, I thought it was a good map. Whether or not it's respectful to do something like this is entirely another issue. Giamma also has a point. Whether or not a map is good, if the mapmaker made it that way, it must be because he/she wanted to frustrate you with something bad or you're just not doing the way it was intended.

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