Go Right

by NewClassic
created May 3, 2012
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map notes
A loosely arranged series of blocks, shapes, and corridors in order to convey the player to the ultimate goal on the right with no checkpoints between. There are various "paths," in as far as possibilities go, but they're all malleable and freeform, and almost completely haphazard. As the creator, I have no idea which path should or will be the most effective. I don't think I'll even have the vaguest idea until I see it done a million times by a million different people.

Much like Holodeck, I kinda want to see how other people tackle this awkward, bizarre mesh of shapes and pathways much more so than just experimenting with it myself. I'll still try to post times with the other players, but I feel like designs like these are otherwise somewhat absent.

Hopefully it's alright. We'll have to see.

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C. Cleveland
said May 3, 2012

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