by NewClassic
created May 2, 2012
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map notes
No checkpoints, no enemies, no dust. Just the player, the course, and the goal.

Minimalistic in design, no "established" route. I fully expect to be the surprised by paths players take, and I want to see what the different characters can do to post different times. Not sure this is a "good" map, but I think it should be a very interesting one to see the results of.

EDIT: And as if by magic, someone's already found a route I hadn't even though of. So fast, in fact, that they've completed it in under 5 seconds. Clearly I've created a monster.
edited May 2, 2012


C. Cleveland
said May 3, 2012
i like this map concept a lot
said May 3, 2012
I would love it! if the dustblock wasnt reachable in 4 seconds :D i did some proper runs and its really funny cause of all the diffrent routes you can take :)

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