Dustblock Clip

by WBojangles
created Aug 18, 2013
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map notes
Marksel was talking about this dustblock clip he found on peta one day, so I recreated it.

If you are Dustman or Dustgirl, you will fall through all of the dust and continue to fall through the solid blocks beneath. If you are Dustkid or Dustworth, however, you'll erase some of the dust at the bottom before you make it all the way through, and you'll no longer be inside of any blocks.

This might work with different angles? I dunno! But the idea here is, if you fall in the right position, you won't collide with the dustblocks. The positioning is somewhere between a jorf and a tera fall. It might still work when pushed to either of these positions though.


said Aug 18, 2013
Interesting! Could be used as some sort of character selector or exclude some characters from playing a map. Or maybe even more things, nice find.
said Aug 18, 2013
this was actually experimented in a map.... i can't find it
said Aug 18, 2013
Looks to me like just an illegal block. Shaving off half of a 22/66ยบ angled block will result in a section that has no collision, thus you fall through it. Not sure why Dustkid and Dustworth didn't fall through it the same as Dustman/Dustgirl but I'm pretty sure it's just a slight matter of the positioning. If it is indeed this then the person who made that map around this concept was me (and am actually in the works of another similar one).

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