by Tropicallo
created Aug 11, 2013
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map notes
I wanted to experiment with limited character visibility since I've never really done much with it in a map before. Feedback is appreciated, as it always has been, and hopefully the map isn't terrible and you enjoy playing it.

(Shoutouts to DoughNation for playtesting.)


said Aug 11, 2013
Great! The flow is lovely, it all feels really natural and it plays so relaxing. I do not like the dark character shade very much, at times it's rather annoying, while it does fit the theme a few shades lighter I would like much better (it depends on the screen or screensettings as well, so maybe that's just me). Much fun and another high quality map! Sigh, I must give you 5/5 again, it seems impossible for you to make a bad map ^_^
said Aug 11, 2013
The map is awesome and really fun but I don't like the choice of limited visibility of the character. Imho it doesn't add nothing to the visual aspect of the just annoying in some parts.
However it doesn't ruin the playability of the map.
edited Aug 11, 2013
said Aug 11, 2013 It's really hard to see in some parts. :\
said Aug 11, 2013
Fun map, not a fan of the lack of visibility though
Probably not Towelie
said Aug 11, 2013
What a gorgeous map, I think this deserves to be in the update for sure.
said Aug 11, 2013
How did you.. wha..
That was beautiful
said Aug 11, 2013
normally dislike dark maps like this but this is really well done and looks amazing
said Aug 11, 2013
great map!
said Aug 12, 2013
Great map, really like the way it plays. I like the way that the only time you can see your character is when it's contrasting with the moonlight, but I also hate that you can't see your character for half of the map.
said Aug 12, 2013
The moonlight idea in itself works well when it's there - it's just that sometimes the camera stays on a bit on the top or bottom of the screen, which just means you can't see your character at all (particularly noticeable in a bit about halfway through where you have to hit a bunch of ceilings) - be aware that people with different resolutions sometimes end up on different parts of the screen. That said, the map is so intuitive that for the most part it doesn't matter.
said Aug 28, 2013
Yep, visibility. I didn't have so much of an issue with how hard it was to see the character, but it was frustrating how hard it was to see the orbs you have to hit. My monitor is set fairly dark, so the map was possibly a harder for me than you intended it.

Also, a polish thing; if you mess up on the first row of orbs, you can fall right back down on the platform you started on. You can't complete the level because some of the orbs are gone. You have to manually restart or suicide to continue. A row of spikes underneath the orbs would alleviate this issue.
said Oct 11, 2013
I can't see shit...

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