Close Quarters

by Tropicallo
created Jul 24, 2013
521 views | 824 downloads

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map notes
I woke up today and wanted to make a map, so here it is.

Nothing really to say about it, hopefully it's fun/everything works as intended. I don't usually upload maps as soon as I finish them but with the custom map races currently on hold I don't want to just keep maps around in some folder and eventually forget about them completely.
retagged Jun 8, 2014


said Jul 24, 2013
Claustrophobic madness! Great map from you again Tropicallo :D, I cannot comprehend so many different ideas coming from your mind. Anyway, it's really fun, the only downside is that it doesn't have much freedom, but then again, that is the whole idea. Nice.
said Jul 24, 2013
The pictured part was more annoying than fun, but everything else was nice..!
I kept dying on spikes at the top of the sloped wall there instead of gracefully dashing off to the right... Then again, now that I'm looking at the thumbnail, perhaps jumping instead would be better.. =p
said Jan 31, 2014
I really like this map :D
said Mar 12, 2014
I disliked the beginning.

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