Lone Spire

by BatElite
created Jul 14, 2013
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map notes
I tried making a map similar to Ghost Parapets because I love that level.
Dustkid is not recommended.


said Jul 14, 2013
syena has mad swag on this level, doing it with dustkid

Edit: SSwag with dustworth strats
edited Jul 14, 2013
said Jul 14, 2013
Sorry to say but I'm really not a fan of this level. The lack of contrast between foreground and background makes working your path much harder than it should be, and if it wasn't for the dust particles, it'd be even harder to tell. A lot of sections are also rather slow and don't seem to leave much room for improvement. Lastly, putting that wall climb part at about 4/5ths into the level feels really punishing as I find it fairly random to get right.
said Jul 14, 2013
this map really needs a lot of concentration, and after my 4th SA run i let it be and will come back later.
the first layer of wall could have been a bit darker to see the collision tiles better as kuro said already. besides that beautiful and challenging map!
said Jul 14, 2013
Gotta say I don't like maps with tiny platforms for long periods of time, but I somehow SS'd this second try, so I didn't have any time to build up hatred towards it.

Visibility is a little poor as well, consider greater contrast between the platforms and the background.
said Jul 14, 2013
tiny platforms on a vertical map like this make the map super awkward.  also some of the death zones are too high.
said Jul 14, 2013
Can't see shit
Probably not Towelie
said Jul 14, 2013
I really don't like maps like this that you can't see the platforms clearly.
said Jul 14, 2013
Yeah I was going to say, I sorta saw this as a sequel to ghost parapets. (Also a big fan of it.)

The level is beautiful because of 1. inferred cylinder shape 2. destruction 3. the summit, but as said it is hard to differentiate between platforms and background. Ghost Parapets also showed a destruction and a buildup to a sort of summit, but it did this mostly by hinting at it. The background is still just the sky so the platforms are easy to see. I think platforms in your level would be hard to see as long as they are made of the same texture as the spire itself - so maybe it's not just a lack of contrasting brightness, but instead a situation where our brains sort of automatically blend in the light + dark parts because they're the same texture anyway. Consider using another block type that still fits in with the theme, or even an illusory "ledge" hint below physical platforms. See Ghost Parapets, how it has those pillars in a background layer to look like support under the platforms.

Uhh. I should probably ask if you guys want critique before just giving it, sorry +.......+
edited Jul 14, 2013
said Jul 15, 2013
After 2+hours of grinding i got sub 1:20 and i had one last to kill annddddddddddddddddd i fall down :(
edit:ok i got first place by 2 sec after making a huge timewasting misstake -_-
edit2:OK I GIVE UP but i made a new record with another fail , Im just bad :(
edited Jul 15, 2013
said Jul 15, 2013
I dont think that anyone is trying for times on a level you can't see the platforms correctly.
said Jul 15, 2013
I had no problem seeing the platforms... and I really enjoyed this one
said Mar 30, 2016
I dig this

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