Dust Chambers

by Marfinator
created Jun 13, 2013
720 views | 815 downloads

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map notes
Here's a map that has been done for awhile. I never published it cause I never added decorations to it. I never decorated it because I'm terrible at it. So I added some decoration in like 10 minutes.

As with all my maps, should be compatible with Dustman and Dustgirl. Mileage may vary with Dustkid and Dustworth.

EDIT - I just realized the backdrop of this map is borked. I think I'll be sticking with virtual maps from now on.
retagged Nov 27, 2014


Probably not Towelie
said Jun 13, 2013
Kinda weird the first play-through but once I got to see all the enemy placements I was able to work out the route for myself, nice job!
said Jun 14, 2013
agree with Towelie; the route was kinda funky but once you figure it out it's very fun. as always, nice work my man. kind of reminds me of milkshake/cotton candy.
said Jun 14, 2013
ermegerd Marfinator made a new map. Back into my cave I go.

edit: And done. Another great map dude, always love your stuff.
edited Jun 14, 2013
said Jun 15, 2013
I'm actually thinking of making maps on a monthly basis. My map releases are so far apart. I'd like to make frequent content to put onto the Atlas. I feel like having a month to work on a single map will give me enough time so that it won't be garbage.

On the other hand, I could just go back to lurking the recent maps everyday and maybe submit something new in another 6 months.
said Jun 14, 2013
Cool route, good difficulty. Like it!
said Jun 14, 2013
Awesome map!
said Jun 14, 2013
Like liquid silk, this map.
said Jun 14, 2013
I normally stay away from the more difficult maps, but I really liked this one.  All of the areas, while difficult, don't feel annoyingly so.  Looks great, too.
said Jun 14, 2013
Difficult enough to be interesting and smooth enough to feel really good when going through it. Really liked it.
said Jun 14, 2013
Whoaaaaa so cool the way it's all sort of in one small area
said Jun 15, 2013
That's how I like to structure my maps recently. I like to lay out some form of container and build a level within it. It's fun trying to make a level when you give yourself a limited work space.
said Dec 6, 2021
Like liquid shit, this map.

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