by DoughNation
created May 26, 2013
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map notes
Snake around a convoy of spike blocks to get back to your rocket!

Blue fire means there is dust; yellow fire means there are spikes.

There are no "secrets" in the literal sense, but perhaps there is an easter egg..
edited Nov 9, 2016


said May 26, 2013
2 Gigawallish
said May 26, 2013
A true test of your finesse, or your ability to pick Dustkid at character select
Probably not Towelie
said May 26, 2013
Nice, for some weird reason these pseudo giga walls are not giving me any trouble. I am happy with this. Great map, loved the ending!
said May 26, 2013
Pretty hard but doable (suck it dustkid! Dustman can dash into the walls too!!), maybe another checkpoint earlier would make it a tad bit easier .

I really like the colors you used on this map, pleasant to the eyes :D
said May 27, 2013
Really cool variation of the giga walls. Managed to turn it into something somewhat enjoyable. The theme of the level is also pretty cool.

How did you get the camera bobbing effect at the end though?

edit: Towelie, your turn nerd.
edited May 27, 2013
said May 27, 2013

(n)----(d)   _end_

The basic idea is that the camera is on the (n)ormal node when the level ends and the character dies, then upon respawn it moves along the path to the (d)etach node. This frees the camera and it finds a nearby (n)ormal node so it jumps onto that and the process repeats itself. I have plans for it once I learn how to set it up consistently...
Probably not Towelie
said May 27, 2013
Do an earthquake themed level!

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