Industrial Jungle

by BatElite
created May 25, 2013
444 views | 781 downloads

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map notes
A map mostly made of steep-sloped tunnels.
In my experience this works best Dustman of -girl.  For Dustkid it is a lot harder.

There are 2 secrets


said May 25, 2013
Love it! Camera angles could use some work though :)
said May 25, 2013
This is really beautiful, and plays well once you get used to the angled walls. Awesome.

EDIT: Oh wow, that secret
edited May 25, 2013
said May 25, 2013
Woa I really like each of the background elements spread out in the map, and also one of your secrets is quite a work of art :D hehe
said May 25, 2013
Sweet jesus the amount of work that was put into this. Great one dude. Only gripe I have is that in some parts the foreground/background/overlay stuff are hard to tell apart.
said May 25, 2013
Amazing looking level like usual!
said May 25, 2013
This level reminds me how much I fucking hate the bug where you can jump off a wall without actually clearing dust off of it.

Good map, though.
said May 26, 2013
Yeah, I got annoyed by this on this map too (also the "spikejumping" bug which enables spikejumping but also doesn't clean dust off diagonal tiles is prevalent here). Nothing BatElite could've helped, though.
said May 25, 2013
Looks awesome and is really enjoyable to play as well. :)
Probably not Towelie
said May 26, 2013
Very cool map! First one I am actually ok with just completing regardless of score great job! Only part I didn't like was when I thought there was a platform to stand on and almost fell down haha but its probably because I'm color blind or something.

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